Renewing your sim only plan

If you are happy with your current mobile network and your phone is still doing what it should, there is no need to buy a new one. Just see if your current plan still suits your needs, and whether it is still available. Then do al the things you would otherwise to compare a new sim only plan and order it. When you renew your sim only plan the only thing you need to have in mind that your phone might be a bit of age already. Keep this in mind so you don’t renew for another two years again, as you might get yourself into trouble when your phone dies halfway your mobile contract.


The cheapest sim only: compare your mobile phone plans

Nowadays calling on a mobile phone isn’t restricted to prepaid (pay as you go) sim cards anymore. Anybody can have a contract with a mobile operator by now. A contract means that one receives a set amount of texts and minutes for a fixed monthly fee. But what are the things you must pay attention to before you can close such a mobile contract?

Sim Only

If one chooses a sim only contract he or she will only receive a sim card. Since this kind of phone contract doesn’t include an actual phone, the contracts can be far cheaper. If you’re happy with your current mobile phone you might as well save the money on a new one. Be sure to check that your phone is simlock free though, to be sure that your new simcard will match with the phone.

Sim only offers

There are many different kinds of sim only contracts. Almost any combination of minutes and texts can be found. And with most plans you can add extra web bundles, so you can enjoy the internet on your mobile as well. The biggest contracts include unlimited minutes (both mobile and landlines), unlimited texts and internet. Find your best sim only as well and enjoy calling on your existing phone for another while.

Compare sim only plans

Just like with prepaid sim cards or mobile contracts which include a mobile phone, there are a lot of sim only deals available at the different networks. Therefore it is wise to compare the deals accross multiple providers. Compare the best sim only plans not only on price, but also have a look at each networks coverage map to make sure that the area you live and work in, do have mobile coverage.

Next to that, also have a look at the different offers each network has. There are many different sim plans, reaching from text only for the heavy texters, to packages with unlimited mobile minutes or landline minutes. Also, don’t forget your internet connection, if your phone supports one and you need it.

Final tip

If you’re planning on getting a sim only deal yourself, don’t be tempted by the lowest price but make sure your bundle has just a bit more minutes and text than you normally use. In that way you won’t be overusing and this will prevent you from paying the much more expensive minutes outside your sim only package.